Secure, offsite data backups and a tested Disaster Recovery plan are not a luxury, they are a MUST HAVE.

Over 90% of companies that suffer major data loss close within 5 years (Source DTI)

There are many causes of data loss, but the only sure way to safeguard against all of them is to have a complete offsite backup. Wizard I.C.T. Online Backup service provides a simple, secure and affordable way to do this. Not only is your backup kept offsite, it is replicated daily to 2 other servers spread across 2 continents, providing maximum protection against all types of data loss.

Utilising the simple to use, affordable and reliable BackupAssist client our service offers backup for all your data including "locked" files of VSS aware applications such as Microsoft Exchange and SQL server. Using intelligent RSync File Delta technology only the part of the file that has changed is backed up, saving you valuable time and bandwidth. Military grade encryption insures your data can only be accessed by you both during transfer and whilst stored on the remote servers, so your data is always secure.

Over 70% of SME's don't know if they have a successful backup (Source DTI)

Powerful email reporting and the monitoring console provide an easy method to monitor the status of your backup with a minimal amount of effort. The Restore Console provides a simple method of carrying out test restores, so you can be sure your backups are good and you're prepared should the worst happen. Every process is done using a simple, intuitive, step-by-step graphical interface so you never need to worry about not knowing how to do something.
Causes of Data Loss

Causes of Data Loss
(Source Ontrack survey)

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